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General Terms

In these Terms & Conditions and Club Rules the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:

“The Club” or “Company” means 24N Fitness Limited, also trading as Liverpool Street CrossFit or 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit (Registered in England & Wales, Company Number 11975166), which provides the Club and its facilities to the benefit of its Members.

“Management” refers to any of the following employees of 24N Fitness Limited: The Managing Director, Head Coach or General Manager. “Member” means the person named on the Application Form “Membership” is the membership by a Member of the Club.


“Contract” means the contract between the Club and the Member, subject to these Terms & Conditions and Club Rules.

“Minimum Contractual Period” or “Minimum Contractual Term” or the “Term” refers to the minimum duration of a Membership agreed to when purchasing a Membership.

“Billing Period” refers to the period of time from the receipt of payment to the point at which the next payment is due or the payment expires.

“Application Form” means the application form completed by the Member to join the Club;

“Club Rules” or “Policies” means the exact terms set out in this document;

“Guest” means individuals purchasing single drop-in visits to the Club, or those that have been awarded a complimentary drop-in session.

Summarised below are key policies, rules and expectations of 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit. These apply to all members of 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit (All membership types, customers, Personal Training Clients & all Guests/Drop-Ins). These rules help to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone, so please read them carefully.

Under your Membership Agreement, you are responsible for complying with all policies, including those outlined in this document. 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit reserve the right to refuse, cancel, revoke or suspend your membership for any violation of the following policies.

1. Club Access & Conduct


1.1 Sign-in/registration: You are required to sign in to any class or open gym session that you attend. This may be done by you online including via the Members App, or it may be done on your behalf by a member of staff. Regardless, you must not enter the Club without prior booking or approval from a Company representative. 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit reserve the right to turn away those who have not booked via the appropriate channels.

1.2 Account maintenance: 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit reserve the right to prohibit you from accessing and entering the Club if there are any outstanding/overdue amounts payable to 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit, or your membership is otherwise not in good standing.

1.3 Identification: 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit reserve the right to maintain a copy of your photo identification on-file, and/or ask you to show photo identification in order to verify your identity before entering the Club.

1.4 Guests: As part of your membership you may receive certain privileges to periodically bring a guest to a Club. You must accompany your guest, and all guests will be required to check in with a member of staff, present proper photo identification, and sign a Guest Waiver in order to access and use the Club. Guests must comply with all applicable Policies while accessing and using a Club. 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit reserve the right to limit the facilities and/or hours available to guests, limit the number of times any one individual may access 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit as a guest, and prevent any individual from accessing 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit as a guest.

1.5 Member Conduct: You are expected to act in a respectful and socially acceptable manner while using the Club and to be mindful of other individuals’ physical and personal space. You may not engage in behaviour or conduct that 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit, in its discretion, considers unruly or inappropriate. Harassment, antagonising, taunting, threatening, abusing, inappropriate touching, or otherwise acting in an aggressive, indecent or inappropriate manner towards any other Member, Guest, employee or other individual will not be tolerated. 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit reserve the right to remove you and/or revoke, cancel, suspend or otherwise limit your membership, and/or notify the relevant authorities if you engage in any of the aforementioned conduct or behaviour.

1.6 Dress Code: You are required to wear appropriate athletic attire and footwear when using any Club equipment and participating in any group fitness class, training session or other activity. 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit may deny access to anyone who is not appropriately dressed, and this is done so entirely at 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit’s discretion. Members may remove their tops during a workout, however they may be asked to put the top back on once they leave the gym floor.

1.7 Use of mobile phones and cameras: Using cell phones, cameras or any other recording devices in 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit changing rooms is strictly prohibited. As a courtesy to other members, you may not speak on your cell phone, or utilise any video chat application, while on the Gym floor. You may take photos or videos in public areas of the Club, provided it is solely for your personal use. You may not take photos or videos in Clubs to promote your or any third party’s business, products or services without the express permission of 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit Management. Use of any lighting, tripods or other such equipment is prohibited without permission from 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit Management. You are expected to be respectful of other members, and you may not intentionally film another individual without their permission. If you post online or on social media a photo or video that was taken in a Club and another individual appearing in that content complains, 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit reserve the right to ask you to remove the post.

2. Memberships & Class Packs


2.1.1 Monthly Unlimited Memberships: The first “pro-rata” payment is collected on the date that the Member signs up to the Membership, unless a different start date is selected, in which case the payment will be taken on the nominated day.


2.1.2 Membership Payments: Unless the start date is the first day of the month; then the first payment will be less than the full quoted membership price. The booking system will calculate the pro-rata amount based on the number of days that the membership is to be active during that month. Thereafter, each payment will be taken in full on the first day of each calendar month. If the payment fails then payment will be re-attempted each day until the transaction is processed. If payment is not made, then the membership is no-longer valid.


2.1.3 Minimum Contractual Term: These Memberships each have a Minimum Contractual Term. The Term starts on the first full calendar month of the Term, therefore if a Membership is started on any day other than the first day of the month, then that month will not count towards the Minimum Contractual Term.


Example: A Member signs up for a “3 Month Unlimited Membership” on the 15th of

September and successfully makes payment. The first payment is prorated for 16 days (September has 30 days, membership starts on and includes the 15th) and is charged accordingly. In this instance, the membership has not started on the first day of the month and therefore does not count towards the Minimum Contractual Term of 3 months. The Term officially starts on the first day of the next full month, which in this case is October 1st. From October 1st the Minimum Contractual Term is 3 months, meaning payments will be taken on October 1st, November 1st and December 1st. After the final Payment (in this case, the fourth payment in December), the Membership continues to roll on a monthly basis, at the same rate originally agreed, but without any further commitment.


2.1.4 Cancelling your Membership: Upon completion of the Minimum Contractual Term, Members may cancel their membership. We require one full calendar month notice in order to terminate your Membership. This means you must let us know prior to the start of the month that you wish to cancel your Membership at the end of that month. Notice may be given on the first day of the month and the Membership will continue until the last day of the month. Accordingly, where notice is given on any other day of the month, the notice period will only commence on the first day of the following month and will continue until the last day of that same month. If you wish to end your Membership on the final day of the Minimum Term, notice to terminate would need to be given on or before the first day of the final month in the Term.


2.1.5 Early Termination: In order to terminate a Membership before the end of the Minimum Term, you are required to pay an early termination fee. The fee is the combined difference between the amount you were paying, versus the amount that you would have been charged had you been on the correct Membership (for the amount of time you actually attended).


Example: Member A originally signed up for a 12 Month Unlimited Membership, however, during month 6 of the Minimum Term, they decide to terminate. In this case, rather than be on a 12 Month Membership (£209.00 PCM), they should have been on a 6 Month

Membership (£229.00 PCM). The following calculation would be made to determine the fee;


£229 - £209 = £20

£20 x 6 Months = £120


Once this fee has been paid, the Membership would then end on the agreed date and no more charges would be made. Those who refuse to pay would still be liable for the Minimum Term they originally signed up for. 24N Fitness Ltd will take every reasonable step to recover unpaid Membership fees, up to and including legal action. Those who fail to pay would receive a lifetime ban from 24N Fitness, Liverpool Street CrossFit and all of its affiliates.


2.1.6 Membership Freezes: You may “freeze” your Membership for a minimum of 7 days and up to a maximum of 30 days, 3 times per calendar year, in non-consecutive months. A “freeze” in this context means putting your membership on hold for a period of time, and not paying for those days on which the Membership was frozen. Any freeze will extend your Membership by one Billing Period, regardless of the duration, as only full months count towards your Minimum Term.


For Example: A Member is on a 3 Month Unlimited Membership, the Minimum Contractual Period ends February 28th. They request a freeze from 1st February until 18th February. They will not be charged for those days (18 days in this case), and they will be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of the month on their return (on the 19th in this case). This will extend their Minimum Contractual Period by one calendar month, in this case the contract now ends March 30th.


Any requests for a freeze in the month immediately after a freeze has been used will be denied. Members may not freeze during the first month of their Membership.


More than 3 freezes per calendar year are not permitted and requests will be denied.


2.1.7 Membership Changes: Members may change their Membership to a longer Term without penalty, at any time. The change will commence on the next billing cycle and the new Minimum Contractual Period will commence on the same day. Members may not change to a shorter Term once they have begun a Membership.


2.1.8 Unlimited Sessions: All “Unlimited Monthly Memberships” entitle the Member to book as many sessions as they wish, however, bookings are limited to one of each class type per day. For example you could book one CrossFit class followed by one Olympic Weightlifting class later that day, however you could not book two of the same CrossFit classes on the same day.


2.2.1 Class Packs: Payment for Class packs is to be made upfront and then a prescribed number of credits are added to the user’s account. These Credits can then be redeemed to book a class of any type. One Credit is equal to one spot in one class.


2.2.2 Refunds for Class Packs: Refunds can be given for class packs purchased but not used. Once a class pack has been started, meaning when one or more sessions have been booked, the pack is considered “active” and refunds are no longer given under any circumstances, except where required by Law.


2.2.3 Class Pack Expiry: All Class Packs expire 365 days after the purchase date, after which these Credits are no longer valid. Unused sessions will not be refunded, except where required by Law.


2.3.1 Booking Classes: All classes require advance booking and reservation, and you will not be permitted to participate in these classes unless you have properly booked and reserved your spot. You may book one class online of each class type. We may give away your reserved spot if you are not in the class at class start time.


2.3.1 Cancelling a booked class: If you book online (including through our mobile app), you may cancel a booked class up to two hours before the class starts. If you do not cancel within this allotted time period, this will be considered a “Late Cancel” and you will not be able to book another class of that type on that particular day, if you are using a Class Pack then you will be charged for that session and no refunds will be given. Similarly, if you fail to turn up for a class you have booked, this will be considered a “no-show” and you will not be able to book another class of that type on that particular day, if you are using a Class Pack then you will be charged for that session and no refunds will be given. Except as required by Law.


2.3.2 Arriving Late: Please avoid entering a class late or leaving a class early, as this is disruptive to other members’ experience and to the Coach. 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit understands that this is not always possible, and every effort will be made to accomodate our Members and Clients, however, if you are late by fifteen minutes or more, this will be considered as a “no-show” and you will be denied access to the class, no refund will be given, except as required by Law.

3. Personal Training


3.1 Payment: All Personal Training sessions must be paid for upfront.


3.2 Expiry: All Personal Training sessions expire 365 days after the date of purchase.

4. Facilities


4.1 Lockers: Lockers are provided solely for your benefit and convenience. You are responsible for securing your locker and are required to provide your own lock. 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit will remove any articles left in a locker over are not liable for any locks that are left on a locker overnight and reserve the right to cut or break open any locks entirely at their own discretion. No refunds or replacement locks will be given.


4.2 Shoe bags: Shoe bags are for Monthly Unlimited Members only and can be purchased for a one-time fee to 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit. Only one pair of shoes may be kept in the bag and only one bag is permitted per member. Shoes must be reasonably clean and free from excessive odour. Only shoes may be kept in shoe bags, anything else must be removed from the premises after every visit. Only bags purchased from 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit are permitted. Shoe bags must be clearly marked with the full name of the Member. 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit reserve the right to refuse/revoke this service to/from any member who does not adhere to these rules. No refunds will be given to those who are revoked. Members are solely responsible for looking after their own bag, ripped or damaged bags will not be replaced.


4.3 Personal Property: You should avoid bringing valuables into the Club. All items left in the facility/changing rooms/lockers are left entirely at the owner’s own risk. 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of personal possessions.


4.4 Outside Personal Trainers: Use of personal trainers who are not employed by 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit is strictly prohibited unless prior permission has been granted by 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit Management. You may not provide personal training services to, or receive personal training services from, any other member or guest, regardless of whether a fee is charged. Trainers wishing to use our facility must first seek permission from 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit Management.


4.5 Children: Children under eighteen years of age are not permitted to use Club facilities, locker rooms or equipment. If you wish to bring your children into the facility, then prior permission must be granted first from 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit Management.


4.6 Service Animals and Pets: Service animals that are individually trained to work or perform tasks for individuals with disabilities (“Service Animals”) are permitted to accompany members (or other Club guests) with disabilities to all areas of the Club open to Members. 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit may ask you to remove your Service Animal if, in 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit’s discretion, the animal is out of control and you do not take effective action to control it, if the animal is not housetrained, if the animal poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others or if the animal’s behaviour otherwise fundamentally alters the nature of the Club’s business. The Company reserves the right to charge you for any actual damage caused by your Service Animal. For the safety of our members and the animals, pets and “emotional support animals” are not permitted in any area of the Club.


4.7 Personal Hygiene: Members must make every reasonable effort to be well kept and free from excessive dirt and odours before entering the Club. 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who, in their discretion, they deem too unkempt/unclean/dirty to enter. Dirty Shoes should be removed prior to entering the Club.


4.8 Business Hours & Access: Full details of normal opening hours are available upon request at 24N Fitness. 24N Fitness reserves the right to vary normal opening hours, temporarily remove the access to certain equipment, or to temporarily close certain areas of any Club from time to time without notice for various purposes including for cleaning, decorating, repairs, refurbishment, or for special functions and holidays.

8. Health & Safety


8.1 All Club users must complete a liability waiver before entry. If any medical conditions are disclosed, the user must confirm that they have sought medical advice or wish to use the Club without doing so, and that they take full responsibility for any injury or health condition sustained whilst using the facilities arising from their medical condition. 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit staff are not medically trained and are therefore not qualified to assess whether the Club user is in appropriate physical condition to use the facilities. 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit advises all Club users to take medical advice prior to starting any exercise programme if they are in any doubt as to their ability to do so. The Member warrants and represents upon their Membership Application Form, and repeats such warranty upon each visit to the Club, that they are in good physical condition and know of no medical or other reason why they should not engage in any form of exercise, and that such exercise would not be detrimental to their health, safety, comfort or physical condition.

9. Personal Information


9.1 Members are responsible for advising 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit of changes to their personal information. Where 24N Fitness is required to provide any written notification,

24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit will send the notice to the email address on the

Application Form or any updated e-mail address the Member has provided since joining. Any notice sent by 24N Fitness in accordance with this clause will be deemed received by the Member two days from the date of sending. 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit takes the responsibility for looking after Members' personal information very seriously, and will only contact Members with information about the Club and any services available. 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit may occasionally contact members regarding events and offers, or with yearly reviews of how the business has progressed. This will be for the benefit of the members and be no more than 3 times per calendar Month.

10. Promotions & Offers


Any promotion that offers the “rest of the month for free” is contingent on the individual signing up for a 3, 6 or 12 Month Unlimited Membership. The first month must be paid in advance in order to redeem the offer. See the example below:

  • “Person A” purchases a 3 Month Unlimited Membership on January 15th. A Payment for £249 is taken upfront.

  • The Membership Term officially begins at the start of the next Calendar Month, February in this case

  • Person A is able to attend unlimited sessions from 15th January - 31st of January without any additional cost

  • The Membership officially begins February 1st, no payment is taken as it was taken on January 15th. The next membership payment is due on March 1st

  • The Membership Term ends April 30th but continues to roll on until cancelled, as per section 2

11. Changes to Terms & Conditions


24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit may from time to time amend these Terms & Conditions, including the introduction of any additional Terms and Conditions, and will notify Members. Any changes will be effective immediately.

12. Terms of your contract


Members are advised to read the Terms & Conditions and Club Rules in full before completing the Application Form. The failure of 24N Fitness to enforce any of its rights at any time for any period shall not be construed as a waiver of those rights. Any failure to identify or act upon a breach of the Terms & Conditions or Club Rules shall not be deemed to be an affirmation by 24N Fitness that the behaviour of the Member or Guest is acceptable. Except where permitted by this Contract, neither 24N Fitness & Liverpool Street CrossFit nor the Member may alter the terms of this Contract without the express agreement of the other.

Terms and Conditions

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