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24N health club • Liverpool Street CrossFit • Recovery suite sauna and Ice Bath

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24N Health Club

Featuring a wide array of equipment, it’s a perfect mix of the conventional and functional aspects of gym culture. All types of cardio, resistance and weightlifting machines, alongside a comprehensive range of free-weights, including heavy duty squat racks, a turf track with weighted sleds, and of course a huge selection of Dumbbells. From casual gym goers, to serious athletes, this space offers something for everyone.

About Us

Welcome to 24N Fitness and Liverpool Street CrossFit. Learn about how we can help you grow!

Our Story

24N was built with the vision of successfully and consistently building healthier, leaner and more athletic bodies. With over a decade of experience and dedication, we aim to diligently promote our philosophy of impactful physical training together with a sustainably healthy lifestyle. Employing only the best coaches, we are equipped to impress and deliver.


Recovery Suite


Detox after a hard training session in our bespoke, custom made sauna. Research shows spending time in a sauna daily can improve health dramatically, finding results of, increased metabolism, fat loss, improved cardiovascular and immune functions. Our beautiful Oceanic sauna is the perfect place for you to relax and recover after your workout.


Liverpool Street CrossFit

24N Fitness is home to one of the largest CrossFit affiliated gyms located in Central London, with only the best equipment, handpicked for the space. Owned and housed by 24N Fitness, sits below the Health Club. The CrossFit box is unlike anything of its kind, merging CrossFit with high end luxury fitness. In this remarkable space sits a full, custom built BLK BOX rig, accompanied by ceiling mounted gymnastic rings, a full range of free weights and much more. The Liverpool Street CrossFit memberships provide access to all areas in the 24N Fitness Health Club, as well as, unlimited CrossFit classes and open gym in the CrossFit space.


Recovery Suite

Ice Bath

Break the ice and climb into our crystal clear, Ice Bath, handcrafted to the highest standard, using UV technology, offering members the most luxurious cold water therapy experience.


The perfect way to destress and improve your wellbeing by spending time in our ice bath, located in our recovery suite, which is large enough to comfortably accommodate two people, meaning you can enjoy taking a cold plunge with a friend or by yourself.

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